Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am solely responsible for my own life and well being.
(If I'm not happy and at peace with myself, it is up to me, and
me alone, to discover the causes and take action.)

I have the authority to take full charge of my life,
to think, say and do anything I choose.

There is a price for everything I do.  It is up to me to determine
such price and decide whether or not I am able and willing to pay
for it.

I am responsible for everything I do, for I will gain or suffer
according to the consequences of my every act.


I like this poem because it says it all; there is nowhere for us to hide behind infirm resolves.  It makes us think about what we are going to do.
My father often told me that the only thing I had in the world was my good name and it is up to me to keep it that way.  Sometimes it is difficult and unpopular to do this, but I have remained true to his advice.

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