Sunday, February 13, 2011


I am writing this because I could think of no other way to portray the feeling of humility I experienced yesterday.  Jim and Judi White, two of my dear  friends, hosted a healing circle for me, to bolster my spirit for my up-coming surgery.   It was held in the usual Indian tradition, with gifted medicine people and helpers, and well-wishers that took part at every step of the way.  It also  means it was a pot-luck affair with everyone contributing towards the whole.  The dinner was delicious, and the feeling of camaraderie was touching and gratefully received by this woman.

I was actually astounded to see the number of people who attended this ceremony.  Many of them travelled from Vancouver to attend, and the underlying message from all was - Accept the strength of the Creator, and accept our wishes of good will and a return to good health.  They gave me symbolic icons of the strength, good will, love, respect, and a quick return to the front line for the  on-going battle between darkness and light.  Which is another way of saying we are backing the good guys and hoping that the others will turn over a new leaf and join us.

If I could have addressed them  before they dispersed, this is what I would have said. 


            My heart is full.  The bird that resides in my chest is singing so loudly that I believe you must be able to hear it.  Can you hear it?   Tears are close to the surface of my eyes but I withhold them because I want everyone to be happy.  I believe that  the bird  is my connection to the Creator, and regardless of what is happening in the world around me, if the bird is singing, it is His promise that everything is A-okay.
            I wish to thank every one of you for coming out to make this a splendid day, and I want to thank Jim & Judi White for hosting this Circle.  Thank you to Seis lom, Wes Nahanee, Robrt Higgins, Leslie, for the medicine and to the drummers and singers for filling our hearts with thanksgiving and love.  I feel that that is exactly what you did yesterday, and we all needed it and appreciate it.
            When I look around the room, and take note of all you people who have my best interests at heart, I acknowledge what a prosperous woman I am.  Perhaps I cannot pile up millions of dollars of this world’ wealth, but that is only because I have something much more precious.  I have friends and family who respect me and the feeling is mutual.  I sense, that together, we can do astronomical things here on the Sunshine Coast.  The time is now.
            Many things have lead up to this day;  A day that is going to fuse and forge us together in a manner that will be of benefit to all the people of the Sunshine Coast.  As previously stated, when I look around and perceive the caliber of people who are here in this room, I have great hope for the future.   Perhaps, I am prophesying.  Together we are strong.  Together we will build a firm foundation upon which future generations can build.   The only thing required for success is lots of people- taking small steps -that will advance the good deeds and good works we are all performing in the name of light.  It’s time for every last one of us to stand back-to-back and force the darkness and bad actions into oblivion.
            We can do it.  We just have to be consistent and leave nothing to chance.
These are a few of the items that we are presently working at.  Some of these things are crucial to the well-being of every person of the Coast. As Seis lom, our Elder, has stated it is our responsibility to look to the welfare of humanity, the winged people, the four-leggeds and the swimmers.  That takes in aspects of all forms of life as we know it here on Mother Earth, doesn't it?  As members of various groups. we are all working on one or all of the following projects.
1.                  The Chapman Creek Watershed and the stand of ancient yellow cedar trees that are presently ensuring that the water is retained up there. We must protect it and never allow it to be logged.
2.                  The Red Cedar Hat making project.  If you sign up right away, Teah mah tah nah will take over the teaching.  I am still unable to do this myself, and I have complete confidence in Te. I can just see our pullers all sporting a hat, traditional or otherwise.
3.                  The Helping Hands for Holly Ann & Robert Higgins.  A moving fundraiser. This is being sponsored by people from many walks of life. And we are seeking volunteer-help and contributions for auctions, raffles, you name it. I have no idea how much is needed for this, but it is more than they are able to come up with on their own.
4.                  The Pulling Together 2011, journey to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. We require about $3000 for that venture.

I’m wondering if we can join a few of these events together ?  If we did that it  would expand our base of volunteers and we would be able to cover more ground.   It’s just a thought.  The decision isn't mine.  Tell me what you think of this?

And last of all I bring up my upcoming surgery which is to take place on March 9.  I have Put-it-on-the-Wind to see what the Creator has to say about it.  I have felt from the beginning that I wasn’t going to require an operation on my left hip.  To me, that meant that the Creator was going to fix it.  He still may do just that.  I have put off the decision for surgery until after February 21st when I have that hip x-rayed.  Perhaps it will show that there is no need for surgery, but if it doesn’t. I will proceed with the surgery.  If it means that I shall soon walk with the spirits, so be it.  Then I will get on with the next phase of existence. I ask that you intervene on my behalf for this miracle I am requesting and expecting.
I guess that’s all for now
I’m pleased to have this wonderful memory to hold onto. 
Ul numsh Chalap,  Xwu’p’a’lich Barb Higgins

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