Friday, March 4, 2011


Whom is this post for?  Why, you, of course.

I just read an email from a dear friend, and it prompted me to write this post.

  • Sometimes, through no fault of their own, a  grandparent, a parent, a spouse, or a child become victims of some mind altering disease or injury.  This doesn't/didn't happen  because they are bad people, because they're not. 
  •  Sometimes it could be from the way they were forced to live in the dirty thirties or some other equally horrid era of their  past. 
  • They are,  in fact,  casualties, and they deserve our love and understanding.
  •  Sometimes we feel as though we could strangle them for their thoughtless, hurtful words and actions. Just remember, it really isn't them speaking or acting out in such a hurtful way.
  •  BUT . . . if we try to put ourselves into the circumstances that formed them, we will truly begin to understand that many of the older people lived from hand-to-mouth on whatever they could scrounge for food. 
  • Anything to fill their stomachs to keep them alive for their children's sake. 
  • They probably gave the best of whatever they had to their growing children
  •  And now, many years later, Time is catching up on them, and those dietary lacks, etc. are forcing their body to act in a way they would never consciously have chosen.
  • This fate didn't happen to me, and I thank the Creator for that, but I want all of you who have a similar version of this in their family to read the following words and imagine that it is the one you love speaking to you.

  • "My child, life has been a long, hard journey at times, but I want you to know that regardless of how tough the times were long ago, I would NEVER change them if it meant that you were not born.  You are my gift to the World.  Remember that, because even with my illness I know that somewhere deep inside of myself I am holding onto that thought.  I love you.  Please take the time to love yourself and the rest of our nuclear family."
  • I hope you don't think I am presumptuous for having written this, but if I were one of the people trapped in that state of affairs, I would be ever so grateful if someone would speak words of encouragement  to those I love on my behalf.
For this post, I will sign the name the Spirits know me by, Xwu'p'a'lich

PS  Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there reading my posts.

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