Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I couldn't finish my blog yesterday because emotions were running very strong.  I don't usually go around bragging about myself or my family, but I feel that I must acknowledge just how wonderful I think they are.  Holly Ann and Robert have been on the Red Road for only a short span of time.  Perhaps one or two years.  Both of them are acceptable drummers and they both have wonderful  singing voices.  Neither one of them is afraid to speak or sing in public which I think is great.
When they went to visit the young man yesterday they brought their drums with them with the intention of using them to bring joy to all those who were heavy hearted.  They sang for the family  at the hospital.  Then they went to the home of one of the people and cleansed it with sage from top to bottom.  Holly Ann walked through the house, using a feather to   fan the sacred smoke in all directions, while Robert followed behind singing good words to the Creator and the spirits.

When they left the house they placed a box that we prepare with everything for a personal altar.  As I think about it now,  the only thing I forgot to put in the box was directions on how to use it.   I guess I took it for granted that every body in the world knew how to use it.  When they were waiting in line for the ferry at Horseshoe Bay, the phone rang and it was Rocky calling to thank them for cleansing her house. Then she asked about the box with the altar pieces in it.  Holly Ann proceeded to explain how they were used, etc.  Robert was prompting from the background so she passed the phone to him and told him to continue.  He didn't miss a beat.  He proceeded to walk his friend through the steps.  When Holly Ann told me about all they had done I was so proud that I nearly popped a button on my shirt.  Smile.  I just thought everyone should know about this because they are learning to do important, needed work that helps settle people's spirit.  Thank you family, I'm proud of you.

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  1. I do not have the words to express my feelings on this , my heart is full I am proud, I am happy we were able to visit our friends May the creator be with them in their hours of need. and through all of this my heart cries for our loss for thier loss. Peace, Light and love. Kwat la matt